Fuel Management in Underground Mining

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Mining conditions are typically harsh and unforgiving. None more so than underground mining environments. The last few years have seen significant advancements in underground mining which have facilitated deeper mines. This has necessitated better communication networks, and safety and productivity improvements. These developments are in response to ever increasing global demands.

To meet these demands, underground mining operations are continually streamlining ways of working by embracing advanced solutions and advancing processes to enable improved efficiency, cost reduction, and safety. Specifically cost-effective and scalable solutions that exchange data in real time and that can produce reports documenting progress in efficiency and cost management.

One of the key challenges facing these operations is keeping people and assets connected in underground environments, and a crucial asset is fuel. Effective underground fuel management requires purpose-specific communications, network infrastructure, digitalization, and often the adaptation of new technologies.

PetroMan has spent several years developing efficient underground systems to meet the rigorous demands of underground mining fuel management.

Underground specific components as well as all the functionality of their leading above-ground fuel management system, PetroMan, are included in their underground solution. The PetroMan underground fuel management solution incorporates management of all transactions, all vehicles and equipment, all tanks, bowsers and cassettes, surface to underground batching, tank gauging, stock management, all communication and ERP system interfacing. By digitizing, connecting, and optimizing their fuel management systems, Ressource Solutions’ underground mining clients prevent unscheduled downtime and optimize their operations.

PetroMan SA has made it their purpose to develop world-class hydrocarbon management systems that are both cost-effective and user-friendly. As an OEM, PetroMan SA markets its unique fuel management solutions under the PetroMan® brand, providing meticulous, real-time, measuring, and reporting that allows clients to intricately control hydrocarbon quality and usage. PetroMan SA continually develops and implements robust and up-to-date hardware and software platforms and has supplied FMS solutions to the mining sector, across Africa, since the 1990s.

For world-class fuel management solutions in mining visit www.petroman.global

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