Intelligence and data integration

In the fast changing and fluid business environment that characterises fleet management, the supply of appropriate data, in real time is essential to the smooth running of the organisation − as is the analysis of that data. The PetroMan® business intelligence advantage allows informed and quick decision−making due to the provision of relevant, usable data in real−time, particularly in terms of Integrity, Integration and Customisation. The three foundations on which we build our state of the art BI solutions.


Accuracy – >99.4%, i.e. <0.6% discrepancies
Uncompromised – Raw data remains on end−user system
Security – Databases are housed behind the client’s firewall
User rights – Customisable to button level for any individual

Data Integration

Integration with analytics engines, E.g. MII, IFS
Seamless integration with ERP system
Integration of front-end systems with back-end business systems, Tonnage measurement systems and Vehicle Tracking systems


The PetroMan® System allows users to manage fuel and lubricant transaction data from vehicles, depots and bowsers. Standard customisation options include:

Customisation and Reporting

Data fields and format
Standard and customised reports and alerts
Adaptable to all ERP systems

Standard Reports available from PetroMan® include:

Transaction Reports and Alarms
Vehicle Summary Report
Tag List Report
Consumption Per Vehicle Report
Reconciliation and Day End Reports
Vehicle Group Consumption Report
Functional Location Report
Blocked Vehicles and Tag Report
SCM & DCM Configuration Report

All PetroMan® transaction data, reports and alarms are live and remain the property of our clients. There are no additional costs to view or edit data. Detailed, standard or customised, reports are provided on a proactive, regular basis at section and sub-section levels.