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PetroMan is a fuel management system (FMS) that automates the dispensing of the clients fuel and lubrications from different dispensing units into their equipment/vehicles with no or minimal human intervention. This enables organisations to accurately record transaction and vehicle data for reporting purposes and to minimize the possibility of product theft through tank-to-nozzle security.

All aspects of the FMS can be phased and include the following options:
  1. Forecourts, bowsers, lube trucks, equipment, vehicles and static equipment
  2. Key control systems
  3. Decanting and dispensing control, with tank-to-nozzle security
  4. Levels of integration include manual, semi-automated and fully automated
  5. Licence validity systems (key control)
  6. Vehicle tracking
  7. Data integration with ERP platforms
  8. Remote dispensing authorisation for bulk tankers