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Simple, affordable Nozzle Security System Now Available

Due to fleet size and usage requirements, effective nozzle security has long not been a warranted or viable solution for operators of smaller fleets. PetroMan South Africa (Pty) Ltd, has changed the status quo. Most industrial users of large quantities of fuel will tell you that their most pressing fuel-related issue is the price of […]

Empowerment through Employment

PetroMan South Africa (Pty) Ltd is proud to announce the appointment of 16 additional members to the PetroMan family. The team comprises various technical skills and specialized disciplines.   The appointments form part of a large fuel management system modernisation project for Anglo American, being expedited by PetroMan SA in the Northern Cape.   “We […]

A Conversation about Fuel Management

Q: What is automated fuel management? A: Automated fuel management systems (FMS) are designed to monitor and control fuel consumption within fleets. They accurately measure and track fuel inventories, decanting, and dispensing. Data is then integrated into ERP systems and useful information is reported to management. Q: Why is automated fuel management important? A: Reducing […]

Asset Monitoring in Trackless Mobile Mining Equipment

A trackless mobile machine means any self-propelled mobile machine that is used for the purpose of performing mining, transport, or associated operations underground or on the surface at a mine. A trackless mine has no rails. In such mines, rubber-tired vehicles operate independently of tracks and are used for haulage and transport.   In trackless […]

Cut Costs, Whilst Improving Efficiency in Mining

As operating and capital costs rise, mining companies must drive financial discipline into their organizations more aggressively. Typical strategies include pinpointing cost drivers to reduce costs at both an enterprise-wide and a functional level, using analytics to improve asset efficiency to better plan and execute maintenance, which improves productivity in the process and, streamlining the […]

Precision Farming is SMART Farming

Why is the agriculture sector so important in Africa? “The UN projects that the world’s population will reach 9.7 billion by 2050, which will cause global agricultural production to rise 69% between 2010 and 2050. To meet the growing demand, farmers and agricultural companies are turning to the Internet of Things (IoT) for analytics and […]

Filtration saves Costs and Increases Production

Diesel fuel is one of the largest single operational costs to any open-pit mining operation. Fuel on a mining site is stored (Bulk tanks, bowsers), used (Plant, equipment) or misused (Wastage, leakages, theft). The quality of the diesel being used contributes significantly towards ensuring, or improving, the usage efficiency and effectiveness. With mines using up […]

To Optimize or not to Optimize?

What is asset optimization or facilities management? Is it important? Should we be concerned about it? An asset is defined as something of value that is owned. Optimization is defined as a process or methodology for making something as functional or effective as possible. So, what we are actually asking is, ‘Should companies have processes […]

Digital Integration is no longer an Option

In a volatile market, ensuring that mining operations perform as efficiently as possible is crucial. Digital technology assists in uniting, analysing, and managing engineering data, processes, and supply chain in an intelligent and efficient way. For many years the mining industry has lagged in the digital technology space. A couple of years ago, Deloitte published […]

Invest ahead of the Curve and Benefit

Smart use of technology is an integral part of success in business today. The rate of technological and systems change necessitates a concerted ‘invest now and benefit from future changes’ approach, notably when considering technology and system upgrades. Technology plays a crucial role in promoting efficiency, profitability and is synonymous with a myriad of essential […]