Precise Appraisal

Complete site Audit, Assessment and FMS Recommendations


Comprehensive Design, Installation, Commissioning and Training

Assured Up-time

24/7 Technical Support, Maintain and Upgrading

Functional Analytics

Real-time Reporting, Improved Efficiency and Savings


  • Fuel Management Systems
  • Generator Monitoring
  • Intelligence and Data Integration
  • Automatic Tank Gauging and Storage
  • Batching Control
  • Quality, Filtration and Retention
  • Projects and Site Services



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About Us

One of the most effective ways of ensuring effective hydrocarbon management is through the installation of technologically superior total fuel control and management solutions for all aspects of fleet operations.

PetroMan® proprietary systems are based on world-class, technologically superior fuel management solutions for the challenges of efficient fleet management in highly competitive and robust environments.

With a full suite of product and service offerings, PetroMan® offers a turnkey solution that maximises profit, increases efficiency and ensures the sustainability of today’s world-class fleet management operation.

When you need to account for exactly how (and how much) fuel is used, eliminate wastage, monitor and track all aspects of the hydrocarbon usage cycle then PetroMan® has the fuel management solution for you.