Asset Monitoring in Trackless Mobile Mining Equipment

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A trackless mobile machine means any self-propelled mobile machine that is used for the purpose of performing mining, transport, or associated operations underground or on the surface at a mine. A trackless mine has no rails. In such mines, rubber-tired vehicles operate independently of tracks and are used for haulage and transport.


In trackless mining asset monitoring plays a key role in ensuring operational readiness and excellence. The correct lubrication of equipment is one of the most significant contributors to the performance and life-cycle. It has been reported that up to 75% of all bearing failures are due to lubrication issues. These failures are caused by contamination, incorrect lubrication or loss of lubricants. The importance of lubrication monitoring cannot be overstated.


Lubrication monitoring, also called oil condition monitoring (OCM), assists in avoiding machinery failure by utilising machine operation and failure analysis programs. OCM includes the profiling of equipment and the regular testing of stored diesel, transformer oil, lubricants, antifreeze and coolants.


“The scheduled analysis of oil, greases and hydraulic fluids provides fast and accurate data regarding what is happening inside power generators, gearboxes, compressors, hydraulic systems and other important equipment. It also provides key information on the condition of the lubricants. Effective OCM allows maintenance to be scheduled effectively, minimizing the risks of damage and avoiding unscheduled downtime, “ says Dirk Neethling, Business Development Manager at PetroMan South Africa, sister company of Mauritius-based Ressource Solutions, and a leader in comprehensive, leading-edge asset optimization solutions across several industries.


“Our automated, bespoke lubricant and fuel management systems (FMS) ensure that equipment lubricant levels are optimum and that the risk of lubricant loss is minimised. This in-turn provides a basis for regular and effective OCM, “ continues Neethling.


PetroMan SA has made it their purpose to develop world-class hydrocarbon management systems that are both cost-effective and user-friendly. As an OEM PetroMan SA markets its unique fuel management solutions under the PetroMan® brand, providing meticulous, real-time, measuring and reporting that allows clients to intricately control hydrocarbon quality and usage. PetroMan SA continually develops and implements robust and up-to-date hardware and software platforms and has supplied FMS solutions to the mining sector, across Africa, since the 1990s.

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