FMS Functionality – What does the Market Say?

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Diesel fuel is one of the largest operating costs to any open-pit mining operation. To improve usage efficiency and prevent misuse the location and authenticity of every litre should be automatically monitored, from the moment it enters the mine. With mines using up to 20 million litres/month, savings of 7.5% on diesel usage, using a Fuel Management System (FMS), can easily translate into millions. Important, and often overlooked, aspects of a successful FMS are design specifications, functionality, and maintenance.

In a recent FMS functionality audit of the leading seven FMS suppliers in Africa, conducted by a global oil company, PetroMan SA was ranked as the foremost FMS supplier across seven significant categories. PetroMan SA was the only FMS service provider to be rated at 100% in six of the categories and at 95% in the seventh category. The seven categories were software, hardware, global positioning systems, automatic tank gauging, vehicle fitting, data accuracy and data integration with ERP systems. PetroMan welcomes this ranking.

PetroMan SA has made it their purpose to develop world-class hydrocarbon management systems that are accurate, cost-effective, and user-friendly. PetroMan has successfully supplied FMSs to the mining sector since the 1990s. Today PetroMan develops and implements robust and up-to-date hardware and software platforms in Africa. As an OEM, PetroMan markets its unique fuel management solutions under the PetroMan brand, providing meticulous, real-time, measuring, and reporting that allows clients to intricately control hydrocarbon usage.

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