About OptiMan

Since 2001 OptiMan has been trusted by clients across Africa to deliver highly effective, class leading fuel management systems to a variety of industries. OptiMan fuel management and supply chain solutions are designed to meet the exacting demands of fuel management operations operating in a highly competitive environment, meaning that our clients remain competitive even in the most challenging of regions and economic climates.

Remain Competitive

OptiMan has a proven track record of improving efficiency and boosting profitability no matter how demanding the application or operating environment. Through real-time automation, measurement and reporting the unique OptiMan approach makes sure that clients remain competitive 24/7.

Fuel Management Solutions

OptiMan is focused on developing state of the art hydrocarbon management and support systems which are both user friendly and extremely cost effective. Our proud history of success is proof of our commitment to our clients and the quality of our world class, home grown fuel management solutions.

Proudly African

OptiMan has been delivering fuel management systems to the mining, ports, logistics, industrial, construction and agricultural market sectors for 18 years plus, establishing itself as a Proudly African, world class fleet management solutions developer. OptiMan remains the FMS provider of choice for companies in Africa and beyond.

Why OptiMan?


  1. Our clients do not deal with third party resellers as we own the intellectual property
  2. Real-time tank-to-nozzle security through constant polling
  3. Data is housed on the client’s sever, thereby ensuring integrity and integration
  4. Reports are not charged for and are available as and when required by the client
  5. 24/7 Uptime at accuracies of >99.4%
  6. Seamless integration with ERP (push and pull master data)
  7. Typical capex payback less than 8 months
  8. Solutions are suitable for numerous above-ground and below-ground applications
  9. Products are designed for numerous industrial liquids (petrol, diesel, oil, hyraulic fluid, coolant)
  10. Different configurations (home-based, container based or mobile


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