The PetroMan® fuel management system has proven itself across a variety of sectors and continues to demonstrate the ability to manage vast volumes of hydrocarbons, extremely accurately and under rigorous operational conditions.

Quick turnaround times are achieved by employing the ‘BEST’ project approach, i.e. on Budget, above Expectation, on Specification and on Time, which is why our fuel management systems are trusted by Africa’s leading fleet management companies.

To date over 1,400,000,000 litres of hydrocarbons have been accurately accounted for by the PetroMan® fuel management system. Currently over 30,000,000 litres/month are managed by the PetroMan® FMS. At an accuracy of >99.4%, i.e. <0.6% discrepancies (Calibrated meters vs. FMS data)

PetroMan® has offices and representation in several geographic areas ensuring top rated technical and maintenance support for our clients across Africa and around the world.

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