Ports and Terminals

Fuel Management Systems
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Forecourts
  • Bowsers and Lube Trucks
  • Vehicle Integration Levels
  • Key Control
  • Decanting and Dispensing Control
  • Data Integration (ERP)
  • Reporting
  • Transstate owned bowsers (*)
  • Above-ground
  • Below-ground
  • Multiple configurations
  • Stock Control
  • Data Integration (ERP)
  • Reporting
Self-bunded Tanks
  • Cubes
  • Single Tanks
  • Mobile Tanks
  • Tank Farms
Project Services
  • Instrumentation
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Civil
Automatic Tank Gauging
  • Static: Basic
  • Static: Standard
  • Static: Advanced
  • Mobile
  • Stock Control
  • Data Integration (ERP)
  • Reporting
Quality and Filtration
  • Individual Filters
  • Mobile Systems
  • Static Systems
  • Kidney Systems
Anti-theft and Ancillary
  • Anti-siphon Devices
  • Maintenance (SLA)
  • 24-hour Technical Support
  • Training
  • Tank Cleaning
Facilities Management
  • Forecourt
  • Back-office
  • Maintenance
  • Environmental
The value we add
OptiMan benefits clients through
  • Reducing ‘misuse’ losses, leakage and spillage
  • Less vehicle misuse and improved maintenance
  • Automation of data
  • Extending engine life and Increasing productivity
  • Better cost code control and SARS rebate compatibility
OptiMan benefits oil companies through
  • Delivery verification
  • Control from bulk tanks to pump level (consignment stock)
  • Reduction in ‘misuse’ losses
  • Comprehensive service to end-user client

If your operation is not controlling costs and making profit every minute of the day then you’re at a competitive disadvantage ” and we make it our business to keep your business competitive. This is why at OptiMan maintenance, functionality and uptime are seen as both crucial and non-negotiable.

Experienced OptiMan technical support technicians provides
  • Client-specific Service Level Agreements
  • Preventative maintenance (Scheduled or permanent)
  • Training (In-house and on-site)
  • 24-hour standby (Head Office and on-site)
  • Real-time Help Desk