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The Mechanics of Diesel Refunds in South Africa

What is it? Qualifying operators that perform eligible activities in certain categories and industries that are registered for VAT purposes (under the Value-Added Tax Act, No. 89 of 1991), may apply for registration for the diesel refund. Who is it for? On Land: Farming, mining, forestry. Offshore: Commercial fishing vessels, coasting vessels, off-shore mining, vessels […]

Fleet Management – A Sensible Investment

What is fleet management? Is it important? Fleet management refers to the overall actions that take place to keep a fleet operating efficiently, on time, and within budget. Fleet management systems and processes assist companies to ensure compliance, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. This generally applies to any operator that uses ten or more vehicles. […]

Automated Tank Gauging is Level-headed

Tank gauging systems are used to measure levels in mobile and bulk tanks to quantify the product quantity, mass and, to a lesser extent, quality in the tanks. There are numerous methods to measure levels and other liquid characteristics. The appropriate measurement technique and types of probes used depend on the type of tank, the […]

A Comprehensive SLA – The Key to Uptime

Essential as installing an automated fuel management system (FMS) may be, how important are site and facility management relative to the FMS? For a FMS to function properly and continue adding value for operators or fleet owners, the system depends, to a degree, on an effective operation and constant maintenance. Vehicle and equipment repairs are […]

Fueling Trade Effectively

Moving trade through ports requires numerous trucks, trains, ships, cargo handling equipment, barges, and marine workboats. Cargo handling equipment need to be powered. Diesel powered equipment is widespread. Fuel usage and fuel management in ports are therefore …. The type of cargo handling equipment used in a terminal is determined by its container handling system. […]

FMS Functionality – What does the Market Say?

Diesel fuel is one of the largest operating costs to any open-pit mining operation. To improve usage efficiency and prevent misuse the location and authenticity of every litre should be automatically monitored, from the moment it enters the mine. With mines using up to 20 million litres/month, savings of 7.5% on diesel usage, using a […]

Driver and Vehicle Control is Key

Fleet owners and operators who use ignition and key control systems can automatically and safely manage driver and legislative compliance. By verifying driver compliance, key control systems contribute to safety compliance, protection of client assets, enforce safety policies, ensure compliance with legislation, and prevent illegal vehicle use. The PetroMan Key Control software interface is user […]

A Conversation about Return on Investment

Q: We have heard that there are essentially three main areas which contribute to the effectiveness of a fuel management system. These are functionality, data handling and return on investment. Tell us more about the initial costs. A: This is an extremely important issue and probably the most important aspect when evaluating fuel management systems. […]

Simple, affordable Nozzle Security System Now Available

Due to fleet size and usage requirements, effective nozzle security has long not been a warranted or viable solution for operators of smaller fleets. PetroMan South Africa (Pty) Ltd, has changed the status quo. Most industrial users of large quantities of fuel will tell you that their most pressing fuel-related issue is the price of […]

Empowerment through Employment

PetroMan South Africa (Pty) Ltd is proud to announce the appointment of 16 additional members to the PetroMan family. The team comprises various technical skills and specialized disciplines.   The appointments form part of a large fuel management system modernisation project for Anglo American, being expedited by PetroMan SA in the Northern Cape.   “We […]