Why PetroMan?

PetroMan® is as committed to our client’s success, as we are to providing world-class products.

The effectiveness of the PetroMan® suite of fuel management solutions is enhanced through state of the art functionality in terms of security, serviceability, up-time, configuration, applications, sustainability and shelf-life.

Simply put:

Value Chain

PetroMan® has developed a comprehensive suite of fuel management solutions that enable clients to monitor the entire hydrocarbon management chain. Real time monitoring and recording of all transactions and volumes is based on the ‘Refinery to ERP System’ concept which means that data is gathered at multiple points (transportation, decanting, bulk storage, day tanks, bowsers, dispensing production usage and service intervals) and available at the push of a button.


If your operation is not controlling costs and making profit every minute of the day then you’re at a competitive disadvantage − and we make it our business to keep your business competitive. This is why at PetroMan® maintenance, functionality and uptime are seen as both crucial and non-negotiable.

Experienced PetroMan® technical support technicians provides:

Client-specific Service Level Agreements
Preventative maintenance (Scheduled or permanent)
Training (In-house and on-site)
24-hour standby (Head Office and on-site)
Real-time Help Desk